The New Metric, Week 2: Spurs Are Still The Most Dominant NBA Team


Today we bring you an update in the metric we looked at last week. For a brief rehash, the metric measures teams that have an offensive eFG% above 50% and a defensive eFG% below 50% when they are most dominant. For more information see the original article here.

Here are the teams who meet the aforementioned criteria:

Statmuse graph game 28

Figure 1 via Statmuse


The two big changes this week were the addition of the Miami Heat to the ranking as well as the drastic fall of Portland. The latter can be attributed to injuries that are affecting their two best players in Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum. With that said, here are the charts.


Chart Offensive Efficiency Above 50%
Figure 2 Stats via


Thus, Figure 2 is similar to last week. The most noticeable rise is that of the Thunder. Nonetheless, every team trails significantly behind Golden State, who when at their offensive quarterly average, are more dominant than any NBA team.

Additionally, Miami fit in about halfway down the chart, here. Regardless, they are still a significant step down from the next best team, the Cavaliers.


Chart Defensive Efficiency Below 50%

Figure 3 Stats from


Figure 3, which looks at a team’s dominance when it’s Defensive eFG% is below 50%, suggests similar figures to last week. In this chart, Golden State continues to expand its dominance. Additionally, Miami fit into the top half of the chart. This suggests that they are very dominant when at their defensive quarterly average.

Chart OE above 50% and DE below 50%

Figure 4 Stats from


Figure 4 suggests similar numbers to last week. It’s worth noting that Golden State is catching-up on San Antonio’s lead, Charlotte is slowly declining, the Cavaliers are improving, and Portland is drastically worse after this week. Nonetheless, San Antonio is still clearly the most dominant team in the NBA.

Moreover, Miami is towards the bottom-half of the chart. This suggests they still need to improve to be dominant when they are performing at their quarterly metric.

Overall, San Antonio is still the most dominant team in the NBA. Due to their continuous improvement, mainly based on Lamarcus Aldridge’s increasing comfort, one should expect them to maintain this top-spot for quite awhile.


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