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Thank you for reading Sports: by Stats! As we are a new website, we find it appropriate to re-state our goal: using statistical analysis we plan to provide modern, unique takes on all major sports issues. Moreover, part of this plan is to start providing an “Overtime Weekly Roundup” consisting of the week’s sports stories our editors view as important. Without further ado, here is the first roundup!


Demarcus Cousins, Antidote In this portrait of Sacramento Kings star big man, Tzvi Twersky of SLAM Magazine interviews Cousins and discovers his views on superstardom. Cousins’ opinion on his own talent is refreshingly honest.

Kristaps Porzingis, No Ceilings Adam Figman of SLAM Magazine writes a profile of New York Knicks rookie big-man, Kristaps Porzingis. The article describes Porzingis’ growth as a child in Latvia through his dramatic rise in today’s NBA.

Cavs’ Kyrie Irving kept replaying injury before deciding to ‘let it go’ Dave McMenamin, in the wake of Kyrie’s return to the basketball court, is granted an exclusive interview with the Cavaliers’ Point Guard. Kyrie’s drive to beat Golden State and overcome the injury is made patently clear.

How Cavs’ all-in push for LeBron shaped Thunder’s plan for Durant Brian Windhorst describes how the Cavs attempt to keep Lebron prior to 2010, and Lebron’s departure to Miami, have informed the Thunder regarding how to keep Kevin Durant. More specifically, the way the Thunder are acquiring talent takes its queue from the failure of Dan Gilbert, Danny Ferry, and the Cavs in 2010.

Heat’s commitment to defense has made Miami one of the NBA’s surprise teams Josh Planos uses statistical analysis to describe how the Miami Heat have utilized defense as a way to strengthen their team. The main thesis is that the Heat’s defensive tenacity can be traced to defensive rebounding and defense against pick-and-rolls.

Celtics are a year removed from being true contenders in the playoffs Seth Partnow, shortly following the Celtics’ loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, argues that the promise exists. That Boston, in 2016-17, will be actively competing for the Eastern Conference Title. Partnow uses statistical analysis to posit that Boston’s starting lineup, while weak now, has the potential to drastically improve throughout the next two years.

Towns, Porzingis, Okafor lead most impactful rookie class in 5 years Shlomo Sprung of Sheridan Hoops uses a combination of basic and advanced analytics to argue that, in the past five years, the 2015 rookie class is far and away the most dominant.

NBA Week 8 in Review: Against the Night Nylon Calculus, in their weekly review of the NBA season, discuss a variety of topics. These include, the Durant/Westbrook dynamic in Oklahoma City, the Chicago Bulls’ struggles, the Memphis Grizzlies struggles, and Kevin Love.

Chicago’s Shaky Chemistry Class Zach Lowe traces the problems facing the Chicago Bulls. Amongst other things, is the Bulls roster is not playing as a team and the ineffectiveness of Fred Hoiberg.

Why Everyone in the NBA Hates the Los Angeles Clippers Howard Beck from Bleacher Report examines why the Los Angeles Clippers are the most hated team in the NBA. In the face of their underwhelming season, this article provides a story of where Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and the rest stand in the historiography of the modern NBA.


Sam Bradford takes swing at winning big game During the midst of a turbulent season, the Philadelphia Eagles stand a chance of reaching the playoffs. This would be Sam Bradford’s first time in the playoffs, following what has been a rocky career. In order to do so, Bradford will need to beat the Washington Redskins on Saturday night.

Should Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. be Pro Bowl teammates or opponents? Following the on-field confrontation between Josh Norman and Odell Beckham Jr. in last weekend’s Panthers-Giants game, Pat McManamon posits the question if the two players should play on the same pro-bowl squad.

Cam Newton could play other positions … a handful, in fact Matt Bowen argues that Cam Newton’s size and athleticism would allow him to play many other NFL positions, including: Tight End, Running Back, Defensive End, Wide Receiver, and Strong Safety. This is all the more impressive when one considers just how dominant of a Quarterback he has been since entering the NFL, and even more, this year.

As Panthers Seek 16-0, Former Patriots Reflect on What It Takes to Stay Perfect Sean Tomlinson of Bleacher Report interviews former Patriots’ players who went 16-0 to gather their reflections on what is necessary. This is relevant, because as of now, it looks like the Panthers will repeat this incredible feat.

Choosing the NFL’s MVP All Depends On How You Define It Neil Greenberg provides an analysis of who will win the NFL MVP. More to the point, what the MVP means and how that affects who wins the award.


The Devil and Jose Mourinho Jonathan Wilson argues that most of Jose Mourinho’s career has been motivated by revenge against a certain team: Barcelona. Moreover, that the reason Mourinho’s success seems to be limited to two years, is because his attitude, which originally is appealing to players, eventually becomes a turnoff.

Chelsea is Stuck in a Lost Season Michael Caley argues that, even following the departure of Jose Mourinho, Chelsea is stuck in a lost season. This is because the roster lacks the talent and unity to compete against the best teams in the Premier League.

Can Manchester United rediscover their fear factor under Louis van Gaal? James Dall explains ways in which Manchester United, who are currently struggling, can regain their dominance. He argues that, outside of a complete scoring rebirth in United’s young frontline, Louis Van Gaal’s time in Manchester is coming to a close.

Leicester’s Christmas Miracle is no Fluke As anyone who pays attention to international soccer (association football) knows, Leicester have had an unbelievable season, and it looks to stay that way. At Christmas last year, Leicester were last in the Premier League. This season, Leicester have been the most dominant team, with the most dominant player, in all of England.

How should Jürgen Klopp act to improve his Liverpool squad in the summer? Jurgen Klopp has been an outstanding manager for Liverpool ever since Brendan Rodgers dismissal. This article goes over a series of possible signings and needs that Klopp needs to address this summer in order for Liverpool to compete for the Premier League title in 2016-17.

Why the English Premier League has been turned upside down The Economist argues that, primarily, the odd 2015-16 Premier League table is due to strength of schedule, injuries, and a high rate of upsets. Overall, the author argues the table will normalize as the season continues.


Joe Rogan Experience, UFC Recap Joe Rogan examines, in this three hour special, UFC fights on the upcoming card. Additionally, he discusses conspiracy theories and strengths of different fighters.

Sports: by Stats:

What Is Going On With The Pelicans We examine what has caused the New Orleans Pelicans struggle this season.

The Oklahoma City Thunder’s Biggest Obstacle Is Not Their Playing Style This article examines how Oklahoma City’s offense and defensive playing styles have been effective. Their inconsistencies, rather, are because of a horrendously weak Shooting Guard Rotation.

Are the Golden State Warriors Beatable This article examines how NBA teams should attempt to defeat the Golden State Warriors.



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