The Timberwolves Need To Start Getting A Lot More From Andrew Wiggins Key Dae at SB Nation discusses statistically how Andrew Wiggins has significantly regressed his second year; and moreover, how the former first overall pick has developed no new skills. This, Dae argues, will stall the growth of the Wolves, and thus poses a significant problem to the franchise.

Measuring Half Court Pace Seth Partnow, at Nylon Calculus, attempts to critique the widely-accepted “pace” statistic. Overall, he posits, the current statistic allows for too much noise, and does not measure how fast a team moves with the ball. Simply, he suggests, the current “pace” statistic only measures how fast a team gets their shot off. Thus, Partnow utilizes an “adjusted pace” metric that attempts to remove said statistical noise.

Victor Oladipo: Lines, Circles and Other Shapes David Ramil contends that the biggest statistical difference between Victor Oladipo and other guards like Dwayne Wade is that the former does not get to the free throw line with enough frequency.

Dwayne Wade’s Shot Blocking Is Legendary Chris Barnewall examines Dwayne Wade’s career shot blocking numbers. He finds that Wade ranks in with the third most blocks all time by a guard. He is only behind Michael Jordan and Vince Carter. The author argues that this is because of Wade’s unnaturally large wingspan.

How Derrick Rose Became Derrick Rose Again Nick Friedell examines how Derrick Rose is playing like the old Derrick Rose. He argues that Rose stopped taking as many jumpers, and instead, focused on slashing. This was a mental hurdle because of Rose’s injury history, but nonetheless, has proven effective.

Don’t Count Out The Thunder Zach Lowe argues that the Thunder may very well be able to beat San Antonio and/or Golden State. The emergence of Cameron Payne as the backup point guard has truly helped the team. Payne can play without any stars and run the point guard position, or, Payne has played exceptionally well with Westbrook. This, combined with Dion Waiter’s offensive improvement, signifies the improvement for the Thunder. Lowe argues that the Thunder’s offensive weapons will allow them to punish other small-ball lineups, and consequently, compete for a finals birth.

NBA Coaches Firings May Give David Blatt Hope Jan Hubbard writes that the constant firing of NBA coaches should result in David Blatt finding a head coaching job sooner than latter.

There Has Never Been Anyone Like Draymond Green James Park, writing for Sheridan Hoops, argues that there has never been a player like Draymond Green. Essentially, Park argues, Green’s ability to post triple-doubles and play such an elite offensive and defensive game is unseen in NBA history.


Innovative Statistics, Keys To Beating Denver Vincent Verhei analyzes the keys for Carolina to beat Denver in the Super Bowl. The main argument, though, is that Denver’s defense has consistently been amazing; although, with that said, their offense has struggled mightily this year. Consequently, Carolina will need to be able to win the fourth quarter to win the game.

Why Cam Newton Reminds Me Of Brett Favre Matt Bowen analyzes why Cam Newton’s charisma reminds him of one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time: Brett Favre. He finds Cam’s strengths and weaknesses to be very similar, and that Cam could revitalize the QB position the same what Favre did.


Is It Just a Wobble or a Typical Arsenal Capitulation? Miguel Delaney analyzes Arsenal’s recent struggles. More specifically, over the last four matches, Arsenal is at the bottom of the Premier League table. Delaney finds that the club’s recent struggles have occurred because of significantly extra dribbling.

Wayne Rooney Display Gives Manchester United Hope Wayne Rooney’s recent performances, which have resulted in multiple goals for the Red Devils, has led Paul Wilson to argue a turnaround may be in place for United. He posits, over the last three matches, Rooney looks as simple, talented, and unstoppable as ever before.

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Ten Thoughts on Cavs-Spurs, January 30, 2016 The article analyzes the Cavs’ euphoric rise post-Blatt firing. Additionally, it looks at why the Cavs have been player better as of late and how it resulted in Cleveland defeating San Antonio in last Saturday’s game.

The Dominance Metric, January 26-31 This week’s metric examines the Warriors’ continued dominance as well as the fall of the Atlanta Hawks.

Addressing NBA Draft Eligibility We study the 2011 NBA draft to answer two questions: is it worth players entering the NBA early, and more importantly, how do we fix a broken system? The end of the article proposes a solution that fixes all posited problems.

The Minnesota Timberwolves, Their Future, And Why Tanking Is The Best – But Not Always The Best – Option This article analyzes the Timberwolves’ “successful” rebuild, the struggles of Andrew Wiggins, and the sheer dominance of Karl-Anthony Towns.


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