Accounting for Complementary Skill Sets When Evaluating NBA Players’ Values to a Specific Team Joseph Keuhn discusses how certain players utilize skills that make them more valuable to their teams. He refers to players like this, especially those who are not stars, as “complimentary players.” Keuhn then examines what traits are not as valuable as others and what makes the perfect “complimentary player.”

90s Week at Hardwood Paroxysm The folks at Hardwood Paroxysm created a week of articles entitled “90s week.” Here the mini-essays all focus on teams and players during the 90s and how it impacts the current realm of basketball today.

Stephen Curry, The Most Improved, Most Valuable Player Todd Whitehead analyzes empirical statistics that suggest Stephen Curry has improved more than any MVP in league history. More specifically, Curry has had the largest positive leap in win shares than any MVP in the history of the NBA.

Three Pointers and Skill Displacement Seth Partnow looks at assist ratios over the past ten seasons. Obviously, he finds that three point shots have increased; however, Partnow also discovers that the change is really an increase of three point shots when the opponent’s defense breaks down. Thus, Partnow concludes, more threes has actually increased basketball’s creativity rather than decrease it.

Kevin Love and the Cavs are a mess Josh Planos analyzes Kevin Love’s decreasing shooting percentage. He finds that, since the all star break, Love has become absolutely horrific on open shots, shooting just above 32%.


English Game Lacks Champions League Quality – But At Least It Is Unpredictable Jonathan Wilson discusses the future of the Premier League. He argues that, at the top, team’s the BPL do not pose as much of a Champions League threat as Spanish or German sides; however, the race to the top of the BPL is much more exciting than other leagues. For example, in the BPL next season, there are eight teams (Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, West Ham, and Leicester City) that will compete for the first spot. Additionally, four of the current managers of the aforementioned teams this season may get fired. Thus, he concludes, the BPL is still a worthwhile watch.

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Winning For The Lakers Now Is Important, Regardless If It Costs Them A Draft Pick Jordan Cohen analyzes why the Lakers are playing their best basketball all season and why, even if it costs them a draft pick, this is a good strategy.

Are The Cleveland Cavaliers In Serious Trouble? How urgent should the Cavs be regarding their poor performance as of late? Jordan Cohen demonstrates why this is not necessarily the end of the road for Cleveland; but also, why Cavs fans should have concerns.

Complementary Skills, NBA Players, And Building The Perfect Roster Jordan Cohen analyzes Joseph Keuhn’s recent work regarding the value of complimentary pieces on an NBA roster.


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