Our First Year


Dear readers,

Today represents the one-year anniversary of Sports: by Stats (or SBS as those who work on the blog abbreviate it). This website was originally founded by one guy’s fascination with basketball statistics, and another’s desire to start hosting websites on his own, personal server.

I can’t say that Sports: by Stats has a large, consistent viewer base nor that we cover all sports. At best we hit nearly 1,000 unique views per article, and primarily, our articles are written by Jordan Cohen (read: me) about basketball. Yet, the website is indeed growing. We have brought in two new writers who have started covering a variety of sports on a weekly basis. The consistent readership number has increased throughout the year. And we are finally starting to get noticed via search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Thus, to start off the new year, we are unveiling a new logo and website design. It is a bit sleeker and more professional than the first, vintage one, and represents the improvement in the website.

With that said, we hope you enjoy and continue reading, as all five of us doing work for the website will continue to bring you content as this next year unfolds.



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