What Did We See at Old Trafford?


Boy it feels good to be back and writing articles. So sorry for the long delay, but here I want to start out with perhaps the most recent news in the sports world.

While many worldwide, including myself, were celebrating Easter this morning, one of the greatest rivalries in Europe rose from the dead in England.  And Jose Mourinho has a right to brag. Manchester United and Chelsea took to the field at Old Trafford for a game that held large implications for the finish of the season.  A win for Chelsea would nearly solidify their title chances, while a win for Manchester United would put them in a prime situation from which they could make a run for the top four and a Champion’s League spot that wouldn’t rely simply on winning the Europa League.

As always, this was a matchup too close to call…that is until the 7th minute via a Rashford goal which put Old Trafford in a spirit that hasn’t been felt since Fergie left.

Nothing seemed to change from that moment on, as Manchester United would continue to dominate the pace of the game, taking advantage of a Chelsea team that just looked sloppy. Bad passes and fouls were aplenty in this game from the league leaders.  The Red Devils outshot Chelsea 9 to 5, with 3 shots on goal for Manchester United and none for Chelsea.

With the addition of a goal by Ander Herrera in the 49th minute, Manchester United were assured a victory that is by far the best game that they have played of the season.

With outstanding play from almost everyone on the field by Manchester United, this game seemed almost too easy.  They were fast, physical, and flying to the ball.  More-so than anything else, they looked extremely confident. Leadership from Herrera and Fellaini was extremely impressive. Rashford played like a superstar.  And an impressive display of passing by Pogba shows his quality.

So what was this game?  Was it an omen for the league leaders? Was it a sign of what’s to come for Manchester United?

Let’s look critically at this….


Chelsea still has a high probability of winning the title spot in the premier League.  In all reality, their schedule has three tough games remaining- Everton, West Brom, and Southampton.  Chelsea, with their talent, should have the fortitude to win, but do they have the attitude? If today showed one thing, it was that their attitude was not on winning, and if that doesn’t change and they drop more games, we can be looking at a duel for supremacy between Chelsea and Spurs….

Manchester United

Manchester United played like league leaders today, and if this trend continues, there may be no one in Premier or Europa Leagues who can stop them. The question, however, starts and ends with whether they will play up to potential or not?  With games against Spurs, Arsenal, Southampton, another Manchester Derby, and a tough game against a risen-again Crystal Palace, the Reds are in for no walk in the park.  But today showed them that they can play up to par with anyone in the League.

Like so many other questions, however, only these two can seal their fates; but for now, keep sliding Ander- you’ve earned it!


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