This website was born out of a few different ideas. The first has been a longtime desire to create a website that focuses on the subject of “advanced statistics” and how they apply to sports. Too often one hears the phrase “player x has a PER of 26.35” without any explanation regarding what that means. As fans we are trained to know that a higher PER is better, and that’s all we should know. It creates a lack of critical thinking regarding these numbers and how they affect teams and games. The second reason for starting this site, though, began after observing and testing a new NBA statistic, which lets the viewer understand how good any team is at their absolute best.

Thus the goal of this website is, over the course of time, to bring the reader statistical-driven analysis of a variety of sports. If anyone cares to send feedback to the author, you can contact us at jbcohen92@gmail.com, follow us on Facebook at at https://www.facebook.com/sportsbystats, or on Twitter at @sports_by_stats.